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I met Louise in my Zumba class and only after a while I found out that she was a Reiki healer. And what a healer! Being a complete non believer in holistic healing and alternative therapy, I only went to see her when I didn’t know where else to go. I was suffering from the most intense pain in my neck and back and I could barely move. After 90 min with Louise I walked off almost pain free. This made me rethink the way I viewed Reiki healing. Since then I’ve seen Louise on numerous occasions. My most life changing experience came when I came to see Louise about 18 months ago with some very strong personal and psychological issues, which made me incredibly depressed, I was having a mental breakdown and at times I felt almost suicidal. Louise made me realize why I felt the way I did, she helped me to relax and deal with the situation head on. It was beyond amazing knowing that she could read my energy like that and making me feel the way she did. It is very hard to explain how she did it, but her healing powers are strong and for real. After seeing Louise the second time I made a life changing decision and I’ve never looked back. This is more than a year ago and since then I’ve decided to become a Reiki healer myself.
Looking back to my visits with her over the last 3 years I realize that because of Louise’s healing I started heading down a path of being emotionally healthy and balanced, which is not something that I’ve ever experienced before. Louise is incredibly patient, focused, kind, gentle and genuinely devoted to her practice of helping individuals. I can only attest to Louise’s supreme level of skill, talent and grace when it comes to energetic healing. I happened to find her at the right time when I needed her the most.


Petra Slaba, Zumba Instructor

Bishops Stortford

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