I have been a patient of Louise Segui’s for approx. 10 years. Louise’s knowledge is extremely vast and her professionalism is of a high standard.

She is discreet and sympathetic and has a gentle approach to tackling the most personal of problems.
Louise originally treated me for a 3 year old lower back pain.
Because of Louise’s knowledge in various fields, she was able to get to the core of the problem.
My feet where leaning inwards (over-pronated), which affected my knees and back.
My posture was incorrect causing pain to my coccyx, and my back was too straight!
From this diagnosis, Louise was able to suggest orthotics for my feet, a cylinder cushion for my back when driving and tips for sitting correctly, types of 
shoes best to wear and exercises to stretch the hips and strengthen the knees.
Along with Reiki healing on my back this was the best I had felt in a long time.
My second need to visit Louise involved very bad knotted shoulders, lack of movement in my neck and pains in my left arm.
Louise asked questions, listened and took notes. I had been a victim of bullying at work which clearly had took its toll.
Louise worked on treating my inner self and eventually helped me lose bottled up anger and upset with Reiki, flowers essences and Sports Thai Massage 
to stretch me and restore symmetry to my body, as I was out of alignment.
Eventually the tension left my shoulders and I was able to cope with the problems and gained movement again in my neck!
This in turn opened up my channels, making it easier to receive treatment.
At a later date, Louise has helped  me dealing with grief and treated me for  general wear and tear on my body caused through my job and with great success.
More recently, Louise opened up The Freedom Centre clinic to offer even more treatments and work along side other therapists. I have recently tryed the detox 
mud baths, a course of 12, and I am waiting eagerly to see the results.
Louise and her staff are very nice, welcoming and helpful. Like Louise, always upbeat and positive.
I would recommend Louise as she gets to the core of the problem and solves it.
 I now only have to return for a follow up  once in a while.
Nicola Matthews
Waltham Abbey, Essex

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