My mother had been battling lung cancer for sometime. She started to receive healing from Louise in November who would come to my mothers house to treat her. In the December we were informed that there was nothing more that could be done for my mother. Louise continued to treat my mother on a weekly or fortnightly basis and this was a great comfort to my mum they built a wonderful relationship one which my mum felt comfortable to discuss dying, release her fears and worries.

It was the week before my mothers passing and Louise came to visit she gave my mum a wonderful treatment and informed me she would let me know if and when my mum should have another treatment.  We knew at this stage that it was matter of time. As the week went on my mum got worse Louise had texted to say that she would like to come to give my mum some healing on 2nd March. The night before my mum passed her breathing became really shallow and she was really holding on. I phoned Louise about 6.30 in the morning to inform her how bad she was we also contacted the out of hours doctor.  As a family we were all frantic Louise arrived and clearly this is who my mum had been waiting for. All I can say is that our mum had the most amazing and beautiful passing thanks to Louise. It was almost euphoric. Myself and my family will be eternally grateful to Louise for creating such a beautiful space and amazing healing to help my mum pass over. I will never be able to put into words the moment that was shared because it was so beautiful and I am truly grateful of this.

Kate Brewis, Little Canfield, Dunmow