5 years ago I contacted Louise Segui, founder of the Freedom Centre, in despair. I had recurring breast cancer and had been given a terrible prognosis. My consultant did not expect me to live 6 months because of the aggressive and persistent nature of my particular cancer. I had refused chemotherapy which I felt had inflicted terrible pain on my sister who had died from the same disease 3 years earlier. I had a career in law and whilst I was open-minded about established forms of alternative therapy, such as homoeopathy, I was fairly skeptical about other unknown forms of energy healing. However I was aware that I needed physical, emotional and spiritual help and to my delight and considerable surprise, Reiki provided all three. Initially I treated it as a form of relaxation and an attempt to get my stress levels down but as I went more regularly I began to feel a great sense of well being. I was so impressed I asked Louise to train me as Reiki healer. It was a remarkable process and a journey which I am still travelling. Every operation and every treatment I have had to undergo, Reiki (and Louise) has prepared and sustained me. I truly believe that without them both I would not be writing this now. Cancer is a private journey and everyone needs to find their own path and how they choose to engage with it. As I sit here fit and well and enjoying my present career as a Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner I feel privileged to be able to share my own story and encourage others to experience for themselves the power to heal that lies within each and every one of us.

Liz Elden
Barnston, Essex